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Today we refer to Mumbai and Pune as the largest cities. But if you look at the express highway from Mumbai to Pune, you will find Lonavla as the most famous place in Pune district. Lonavla is originally referred to as Maval taluka. The city of Lonavla is known not only in the Pune district but also as the coldest place in Maharashtra. Lonavala is crowded with tourists like Khandala, Bhushi Dam, Tiger Point, Pavana Lake. Places like Tiger Point, Pavana Dum, and Bhushi Dum are crowded during the rainy season. Maval taluka also has famous caves and forts in rural and urban areas. Bhaje Caves and Bedse Caves have been available since ancient times. Have you ever been to Maval with your friends or family? To see the natural beauty of Maval taluka, visit the www.adventuremaval.com we will help you to enjoy all the dams, forts, and some other tourist places in Maval. We have brought it to you. 1) Camping 2) Villa 3) Paragliding 4) Trekking 5) Boating and rafting can be enjoyed.

1) Camping – We have brought low-cost camping for you without any compromise. You can enjoy camping on Pavana Lake, Uskan Lake, Malwandi Lake. We provide you with tents and tent interiors, meals, music, games, and more. All kinds of groups can come here.

2) Villa – Villa is the best for a family trip, but you can enjoy it in Lonavla, a famous cool place in Maval. You can come here with all the groups.

3) Paragliding – Flying high in the sky is the dream of all mankind. Everyone wants to see what nature looks like from a height, so let’s take paragliding. You can come here with all the groups.

4) Trekking – You can see the forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s history. Visit here, here you will get the energy to live. We offer a combo pack here.