Camping Term And Conditions

It is strictly forbidden to enter the water of the lake. It is important to specialize in plastics and other things and not to contaminate the water. At the campsite, you can see couples, family, bachelor, that place is ideal for all groups.
The pets in the camp are fine, but you have to take responsibility for not harming them. (Aggressive pets are not allowed.
In case of any natural or property damage from you, you will be charged for the item. You will have to leave the camp if you argue with the stop. If any of the participants are found to have violated the rules, you will have to leave the camp if the person is harassed or uttered obscene words.
We will not be responsible if there are any accidents or injuries in the camp. The camp reserves the right to change or cancel your event in the event of an unexpected change in weather or other uncertainties. We all have to leave the camp if there is a change in nature or the weather. Don’t bring valuables or jewelry, we will not be responsible for losing them.
When it rains, the fire does not burn. Music or DJs will not be played after midnight. Hookahs and other similar items are not allowed. The camp coordination decision will be the final decision of whatever it is.
Pay the balance at the time of check-in after camping entry.
We will decide where to pitch the tent. However, you can also request a spot.
You can accept 15 minutes of tolerance at mealtime, then you can volunteer.
The toilet should not be smoked and kept clean.
Water should not be misused.
You can cancel the booking, we will refund your amount according to our refund policy…

Villa Term And Conditions

Must show driver’s license or any government identity card photo at check-in. And the remaining amount should be deposited there.
If there is any damage to the villa property, it should be held responsible and we will charge accordingly.
Smoking should take place at the designated place in the property.
You will have to leave the villa when you do something wrong with the property. If you cancel the booking, we will refund your amount according to our refund policy.
We are not responsible if any natural or artificial event occurs.
Some villas have watersports out there, we are not responsible if anything happens in that place.
No furniture or objects of the property should be moved.
Loud music or DJs are not allowed.
Keep the swimming pool clean, wash your feet before entering the swimming pool.
There is a separate space in the property for pets.
Cannot accept bookings made by children under 18. However, a person under the age of 18 cannot live in private rooms. (Anyone over the age of 18 can stay in private rooms.) If you are between 16-18 and want to stay in a private room, this will be possible without the written consent of your parents or guardians.
Our management does not include any food or beverages.
You can bring food and drink from outside and eat at the property.
If there is an accident or someone is injured in the accident, we are not responsible for it.

Paragliding Term And Conditions

Before paragliding, you weigh yourself to safety.
Before paragliding makes sure you have any kind of height.
We will not refund you any amount if you request space while paragliding. For example, if your riding time is 2 minutes and you say I want to get off 1 minute earlier, we will not refund you.
If we find that the weather conditions are bad, we will cancel it or try to provide an alternative service.
Consult experienced paragliders about a variety of issues such as ride area, landing, steering, and other issues.
Follow the para rider’s instructions.
Before starting paragliding, review all safety equipment, and make a list of equipment such as para suits, shoes, and comfortable clothing, the reasons for using helmet safety during the ride.
Do not misbehave while traveling, as this can lead to accidents and serious injuries.

Trekking Term And Conditions

If the weather conditions are not right, your booking may be canceled.
Always follow the guide or team leader.
Do not consume any intoxicants or alcohol while trekking or before trekking, however before trekking we find that your booking will be canceled, or we will not be responsible for any direct or indirect accident.
Do not go into any restricted area while trekking.
Before booking, indicate in which language you want the guide, in known language e.g. (English, Marathi or Hindi)
The decision of the guide will be final, if you do not try to argue with the guide, if you want to call our support team, they have no objection.
Return or dispose of disposable plastic bags, documents, glassware, etc.
We do not offer any food while trekking. (Our meal is lunch after trekking.)
Don’t trek alone.
Don’t bring heavy items for trekking, preferably keep your backpack as light as possible.
The mobile phone network may not work in the tracking area. So don’t rely on mobile networks.
Wear a full sleeve shirt and pants to prevent mosquito bites.
If you suffer from any type of illness, you should take appropriate first aid kits and medicines to prevent health problems like headaches, coughs, and dehydration.
Don’t throw trash anywhere.
The only means of transportation was from the Lonavla railway station or Kamshet railway station.
Members should take care of the safety of their belongings themselves. And we will not be responsible if we lose.
The team reserves the right to change/deviate/cancel the plan without prior notice
We are not responsible if any natural or artificial event occurs during the trek.